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Some people could possibly opt to their own country brand upon perceived imitation could reflect on changing purchasing behaviour. Various and famous websites which have the most accesses in Vietnam such as zing. Additionally, with a high market demand and comparatively easier competition due to its current position, it is able to maintain low prices and yet enjoys profits and a positive brand image.

The opportunity for the Topshop Corporation is the potential market in the oversea market. They used a lot of MIMIC tools to reach the objectives either by online advertising, printed advertising or public relations with several events and sales promotion. Those contacts will also be sent updated event or promotion.

Adjustment in website and Faceable to more detail, such as adding price, color, size. The negotiation of better promotions through retailers strengthens demand and different sizes of product packaging suits consumer needs and buying patterns are considered to be some of its key marketing strengths.

Marketing Communications Plan for TOPSHOP - Essay Example

Whatever your strategy, you goal should be to differentiate yourself from your competitors to encourage customers to choose your business first. There has been a growth in the fashion industry even in midst of economic downturn.

And, big store space lead to weak customer services. From the topshop international segmentations, we can get the point that the international market has not been fully developed. Target Customer As one of the most coveted Topshop imc plan essay street fashion retailer, Tops not only targets at young modern women aged from 15 to 30its niche market is the group of females who are driven by a desire to be fashionable and trendy, who love bibbing or clubbing, who want to keep up with the latest trend on fashion magazines.

The store has send its information about launching, grand opening, sale promotion through email and text message of customers who owned a membership card of any Manson belonged brands.

Topshop imc plan Essay - Paper Example Topshop imc plan Essay Offering to the market the most up-to-date suasion pieces, Tops positions itself with the unique high street style collection range from clothing, accessories and shoes - Topshop imc plan Essay introduction.

Additionally, their preference for shopping at Top Shop today may continue to their later age thereby ensuring a smooth flow of revenues for the company. There are some suggestions that can touch Top Shop target customers: Later a shift its strategy helped the bottom line to sore up.

The Fashion Retail Market at a GlanceA study showed that even while cutting down on other areas, the European consumers hardly cut down on their expenditure on clothes Mintel, August However, the management must bear in mind that to maintain the current image of a cutting-edge affordable fashion provider, it must ensure a smooth supply chain system by which it would be able to carry on bringing in the latest fashion faster than any of its competitors.

But because the customers get access to the latest fashion only here, the revenues at Top Shop are only positively affected. In this manner, it is able to maintain an upscale image as well as smooth revenues. To prepare for this show, Tops used effectively media advertising tool to introduce their brand to Youngstown lovers.

Tops did not effectively using this tool with the mass customer information that they have. To open the Chinese market, the first thing our brand needs is to publish Production Promotion Release Conference in the biggest cities in China like Beijing or Shanghai, and open the first store in the central zone of these cities.

Gradually however, while the other fashion brands focused following the same copying the strategy, Top Shop entered into the arena of introducing new self made designs initially under a brand named Unique.

Moreover, the Topshop brand has take a large market share in the British mainland, the influence of the brand is deep among British people, and it has more than stores nationwide and provides many different kinds of choices in product lines and design variety of products with thousands of looks per season creatively.

In the summer ofUS famous fashion retailer brand Hollister open the first store in Salitun, Beijing, which is the popular commercial district in China, and release a fantastic fashion model performance, after that the sales of the store was growing very fast. The later part also suggests that despite being and extraordinary fashion retailer, there are a few areas where Top Shop would need to pay special attention in order to ensure long term growth and a sustainable bottom line.

Strategy There are some steps to finish the strategy, firstly, the advisement.Top shop marketing plan essay Executive SummaryTop Shop is one of the leading retail brands known globally for its most up-to-date styles in clothing and other fashion accessories. We will write a custom essay sample on topshop imc plan specifically for you.

Order now Therefore, the recommendation for Topshop is to increase their advertising budget, which is not a problem to such a big brand, to expand their marketing communication on more newspapers and magazines with full-page.

Goals - Topshop marketing plan Essay introduction.


The objectives can be divided into two parts. The objectives can be divided into two parts. Firstly, the Topshop Corporation is focusing on the international business, the recent objective is built more than stores all over the world in less than five years to raise the awareness of the brand.

The Topshop Corporation focus on the customers of young people, who is between 15 and 30 years old, especially for young females who likes to We will write a custom essay sample on Topshop Marketing Plan specifically for you.

for only $ $/page. Order Now. Jennyfer from PhDessay. Hi, I am Jennyfer from PhD Essay. The plan should be formulated in the context of the Integrated Marketing Communications Process.

It should be completed as follows: STAGE 1 Stage 1 of the IMC plan details the research and analysis undertaken in preparing your group’s creative brief.

Topshop imc plan

1. topshop imc plan Essay collection range from clothing, accessories and shoes. Though its price is not low, Topshop is still relatively an affordable brand especially for the value they give to customers compared to other luxury brand.

Topshop imc plan essay
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